Friday, March 28, 2014

Precious ones

I've moved about a thousand times in my life and traveled around as much as I can afford to. So, I have a few things that have stayed in my collection for a long while. I find that I am a very sentimental person when it comes to keepsakes, but am realistic in a way that keeps the collection to a manageable size.

In this series I will introduce you to some of my favorite treasures; how they came into my life and why they are special.

The Porcelain Waterbird

This little bird was something I bought in Manhattan in 2006. 
I used to love the little plastic waterbird whistles when I was a kid and was immediately floored when I discovered them in porcelain.
I little man was holding a box of them on the curb and I immediately bought two of the sweetest ones in the pile. One for my dearest friend, and roommate at the time, Aurora, and one for myself. I've seen them around a few times since then, but usually painted in bright colors and not as delicate as this little friend.

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