Saturday, February 25, 2012

Paul Madonna

I can't express how much Paul Madonna's lines and words have given me. I've long been a fan of his All Over Coffee series in the Sunday San Francisco Chronicle. I found his new book "Everything is it's own reward" at the SFMOMA last week and have been devouring it slowly just to make it last. His approach to combining words and images is systematic, but a few have that quality of magic, when the words and images magically arrive together and inform each other is subtle ways to make the entire piece stronger.

For a long time I included text into my artwork, it came naturally, and my process was a mixture of poetry and visual coming together to inform the imagination.

 I turned my shoulder to it in the last few years because in a certain light it kind of felt like it was almost too trite, too saccharine, too sentimental, like the words were almost too forced or too directing. It takes a perfect amount of balance to have text that doesn't overpower the subtlety of images, it's as if the inference of the words has to be as graceful as a rose petal. Paul's book has brought text back to the table.
Here is Paul talking about the book and the process.

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