Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ciao Summer sun

This summer was precious. We got some solid adventuring in.

But rain has finally arrived. I sleep much better when the rain comes. The air feels like a fresh sheet of paper, everything gets a little greener, the plants sigh in relief. It's palpable.

 Our September was full of harvesting. Golden figs, bay nuts, chestnuts, elderberries, huckleberries, we even caught a few early mushrooms. I'm so excited for mushrooms. We made tinctures, apple butter, dehydrated and pickled for our winter stores. Tony will be hunting Elk soon. I've learned how to properly wrap butchered meats at the food truck. oh did I mention I'm helping to run a food cart; where the produce is delivered fresh by the organic farmer, the lamb meat arrives ready for the oven. We simmer bone broths, we roll the pastry, we clean the roots.
Where am I? I'm in the studio constantly. Making books. I found a master bookbinder. Met her at the Laundromat, it felt like a zen master kind of moment. We talked about a lot of things and then the last words she said were, "I'm a bookbinder and I need an apprentice."

and there we go.

And now I'm here, surrounded by stacks of paper and waxed linen thread, cutting down paper in a traditional way, using a bone folder made from real bone, perfecting the knots and stitches, part of a long line in an old world craft.

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